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Big Al's X-14 Snow Pack

When 12 is just not enough. brand new for the fall of 2023. 2 Sided printing on extra thick 4mm fluted waterproof plastic. Outdoor grade inks & ultra matte overprint for many years of usage.

$130.00 per set of 14 Decoys

In Stock

Brand new for the fall of 2023 and once again Flight Control has it first...…….

The Pro 50 Pack Snow Goose Decoys, the same snow goose silhouettes as the new X-14 Pack of Snows but in a 50 Pack

$455.00 per Pack  

In Stock

Big Al's Blue Pack 

Big Al has done it again, the new Blue Pack, 4 different poses with graphics so realistic they will fool even the wisest birds. 2 sided printing on extra thick 4mm fluted waterproof plastic. Outdoor grade inks and ultra matte overprint for many years of usage.

$120.00 per set of 12 decoys

In Stock

FCD Headless Snow Goose Windsock.

Longer stake for 2024. The first decoy designed and manufactured for Flight Control to meet the requirements of Canadian Hunters. This decoy features an 18" x 12" Tyvek sock with black and grey feather markings, and features two drainage holes in the bottom.  A folding back support using stretchy cord to eliminate breakage and designed to last. This system also allows for easy one handed deployment in the field. These decoys come standard with a sharpened stake. The new 28" stake is tall enough to stay above the tallest of stubble allowing free movement on those windy days.

Easy to store and transport, reliable this great looking decoy is sure to become a favorite of Canadian hunters. And if that's not enough its assembled right here in Canada...

$75.00 per dozen 

In Stock


New For 2024 the FCD BLUE & WHITE HEADLESS SNOW GOOSE WINDSOCKS. Exact Same decoy as our regular Snow Goose Windsock but now each dozen comes with a mixture of 6 White and 6 blue Snow Goose decoys in every dozen. Whether you are targeting Blue Phase Snow Geese or just need to add some contrast to your spread these decoys will fit the bill.  They now feature 28" sharpened stakes. Once again, these decoys come fully assembled and ready to go.

$80.00 per dozen 

In Stock


Our FCD Headless Snow Goose Windsock is now available with a 2pc - 36" Stake. Extra tall to help with your hide. 

$100.00 per Dozen

In Stock