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Tim Jensen

Hanna Alberta


Tim has over 30 years of experience in the field, starting at age 4 putting a cork gun to use in the field.  By age 8 Tim was hunting alongside family members with a 410 side by side.  As the years past the guns got bigger and his passion for the outdoors continued to grow.  His true passions are his dogs, upland gamebird hunting, waterfowl and big game.  Tim is a welcome addition to Team Flight Control.

















Mike Boles

Edmonton Alberta


Although Mike is relatively new to waterfowl hunting he is already showing great expertise. Mike attacks everything he does with an educated excitement. He can be found outdoors year round whether it's gathering wild berries and mushrooms, or in his garden, on the ice fishing, or in a blind hunting. Mike does his research and isn't afraid to think outside the box.

Mike Boles another great addition to Team Flight Control.










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