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X-14 Active Pack - Greater Silhouette Goose Decoys 

First to offer (14) in a pack. The standard dozen is no longer. With decoys...more is better!!! Get (14) for the price of 12.  Seven different poses and more detail in shoulder area

$150.00 a set 

Sold Out

Greater Canada Goose Silhouette Decoys 

Big Al's Take-Em Style silhouettes offer the best in life-like detail, function and price. Greater Size bodies at 26"long. Each silhouette is printed in a duo-tone screen-print process, along with an ultra matte coating on 1/4" thick corrugate plastic.


 $140.00 a set of 12


 Lesser Canada Goose Silhouette Decoys

Big Al's Lesser Canada Goose Decoys, same great quality as the other Big Al's products.  These decoys are 20" in length and are a great addition to any spread.

$120 a set of 12  

 Sold Out

 Sleeper Pack Silhouette Goose Decoys

Big Al's Sleeper Pack. Same great quality as his other goose Decoys. The sleeper pose is a great addition to your spread for late season hunting.

$120.00 a set of 12 

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Speck Pack Silhouette Goose Decoys

Big Al's Speck Pack Goose Silhouette Decoys are printed on 1/4" thick fluted plastic and are about 20" long


$120.00 a set of 12

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Big Al's Black and White Greaters.  Add more drawing power to your spread. Printed on the same 1/4" thick fluted material with 26" long bodies these decoys are sure to bring the birds to you.

 $120.00 per set of 12 

In Stock

Also new for 2020 and Flight Control has it first...………….

The Pro 50 Pack the same Greater Decoys you already love now come in a 50 Pack. Instant spread, Instant Success.

$485.00 per Pack

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